April Prayer of Confession

We confess that as the world turns slow in its arc around the sun, so too we are slow to turn from sin towards you. Help us, Father, to reflect your love and hope to a world in desperate need of light. We want to be the moon, steadfast in our own orbit reflecting you.

Easter Sunday by the seashore

Ordinary, I suppose, will be the marker for our days, holy or not. But aren’t they all holy? Days strung together like rosary beads reminding us to pray unceasingly, to thank Him for music and dirty diapers and for fresh starts and mornings spent with friends. Easter means new beginnings and courage where we once trembled in fear. It means ragtag unlikely disciples infused with a fresh dose of everything we need to face ordinary days in the light of freedom and grace.

Darkness will not win

I think of holding my two-year-old in front of middle schoolers who have poor prefrontal cortex development, and also guns. I question all my life choices and tremble slightly at how things might have gone differently.

Go Big or Go Home

Sometimes, dreams feel closer then I ever imagined they might. And still, the work is hard and the way seems long. But we are taking both baby and big steps towards big moves and changes, including a community center in our neighborhood and a story that has been germinating in my heart for years.