Welcome to my little corner of the online neighborhood. Pull up a chair, grab a diet coke, and stay as long as you'd like. I'm Becca. Married to my hilarious high-school sweetheart, and mom to the 3 cutest kiddos (unbiased opinion, obviously). Intentional neighbor, mentor, and community-builder in our beloved neighborhood in the heart of Atlanta. 



All the latest musings and ramblings from our life in Atlanta. Nearly seven years ago, we moved right to the margins with our two little ones and put down roots for the long haul, adding one more baby and a whole lot of friends-turned-family to the mix since then. On paper, the sum total of our family reads five: Adam and I, dreamers and high-school sweethearts, and our three beloved babies who somehow keep growing up far too quickly and teaching us more than we teach them. In reality, however, our family keeps growing as we widen our circle and walk ever-closer with Jesus and try to truly love our neighbors as ourselves. 



Some of my favorite views from behind the lens of my camera these days. Beauty is relentless around us and I find holy joy and grace in the framing of my world as art and grit and mess all tied up together without any pretty bows. This year, especially, I'm determined to capture slices of life without perfection, since that's the only way real life actually leans. There almost always pretty in the gritty and joy in the sorrow if you have eyes to see the ways they are inextricably bound. Taking pictures are my medium for sharing the beauty of a world and a narrative I cannot always adequately describe with words


Blueprint 58

In 2010, we started a non-profit serving our neighborhood in the heart Atlanta called Blueprint 58. Deeply rooted in Isaiah 58:12, we believe that communities can be restored through building mutually transformative relationships. Our approach keeps the individuals that make up the community at the center of what we do. Through spending time, sharing experiences, and engaging culture, we open up ourselves to opportunities to partner with and empower the community we love so dearly. We would love to tell you more about the work we are doing in Southwest Atlanta and how you can be a part of it.