Welcome! I'm Becca. Married to my hilarious/ridiculous high-school sweetheart, and mom to the 3 cutest kiddos (unbiased opinion, obviously). I'm passionate about being a good neighbor, about racial reconciliation, about mentoring, and about community-building in our beloved neighborhood in the heart of Atlanta. 



All the latest musings and ramblings from our life in Atlanta. Nearly seven years ago, we moved right to the margins with our two little ones and put down roots for the long haul, adding one more baby and a whole lot of friends-turned-family to the mix since then. 



Some of my favorite views from behind the lens of my camera these days. Beauty is relentless around us and I find holy joy and grace in the framing of my world as art and grit and mess all tied up together without any pretty bows. 


Blueprint 58

In 2010, we started a non-profit serving our neighborhood in the heart of Atlanta, Blueprint 58. Deeply rooted in Isaiah 58:12, we believe that communities can be restored through building mutually transformative relationships.