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Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home

Almost 8 years ago, we shared a series of three big announcements. 1-We were expecting a second baby (Caden!) 2-We were starting a nonprofit and 3-We were moving from the suburbs to downtown Atlanta. 

It's hard to imagine a season of bigger changes than that one, particularly as I reminisce on the surprises that all three of those changes brought with them. Everything just leans more complicated than we expect, usually. 

About a week ago, I sent an email newsletter that talked about two dreams I was nurturing and holding close, uncertain either would ever actually find themselves a reality. 


Now, though, I have two different contracts on both of these dreams. A contract with a literary agent (look, an author photo!), and a contract on a building. I recognize, of course, that contracts aren't a finished product, just a promise of a finished product one day. But between contract and end goal is a whole lot of hard work. A whole lot of trusting Jesus, and then hustling hard at the work He has set before you. 

Sometimes, dreams feel closer then I ever imagined they might. And still, the work is hard and the way seems long. But we are taking both baby and big steps towards big moves and changes, including a community center in our neighborhood and a story that has been germinating in my heart for years. 

If nothing else, we have learned these past seven years that life on the margins, growth and relationships grow more difficult and more beautiful every single day. We have put down roots that are only beginning to sprout the blossoms we have always imagined. We have stayed the course, and so we are committed to continue. Despite the fact that the odds seem great. My "platform" isn't big enough, and our "fundraising base" isn't wide enough. The neighbors aren't ready for us, and no one would ever buy my book. 

Regardless, we are moving forward. One foot in front of the other. One hard conversation followed by yet another meeting with the bank. Words typed painstakingly on pages I'm not sure anyone will ever read. But there is One who sees. One who notices the unnoticeable and reads the words I have penned in the darkest night. One who loves the building that seems ready to fall onto itself, and who looks with tenderness of the girl who mostly feels afraid even as He nudges her towards freedom. Broken to beautiful, death to life. Every single time. 


Thank you for joining us on this next big adventure. Sometimes our life feels like one big adventure, actually. And then sometimes it's mostly a string of cleaning up spilled milk and dirty diapers. Kickball at the park and filling out paperwork for our nonprofit. Ordinary, beautiful, messy, perfect. 

Share our story, join our community of supporters who come alongside us and encourage us each step of the way. What a humbling honor it is to have each of you with us. For your connections, your prayers, your insight, and your support - we are grateful. 

Darkness will not win

Darkness will not win

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