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Memoir Via Jayci

But we will miss the sparkling adventure in the forest of the mundane. Life ebbs and flows, stretches and retracts. It throbs, a wide space between my clavicles beating with the racing cadence of a life. I want to circle up, but sense a pull to open instead.

The Trouble with Writing

The trouble with writing every single day is that sometimes I have nothing to say. I suppose this is not strictly true, because I have plenty rolling around in my head and heart. The problem is that not all stories are mine to tell. This is the lesson I’ve learned (and keep learning) the hard way.

Go Big or Go Home

Sometimes, dreams feel closer then I ever imagined they might. And still, the work is hard and the way seems long. But we are taking both baby and big steps towards big moves and changes, including a community center in our neighborhood and a story that has been germinating in my heart for years.