I'm so glad you found your way to my little corner of the neighborhood! Pull up a chair and stay, and let's chat about life on the margins and loving Jesus and, obviously, where to find the best cheese dip and most life-changing books. 

Things we found inside our building: 

Things we found inside our building: 

• A tiny pink beaded chandelier, hung inside a room painted entirely pepto bismal pink. 

• A disembodied plastic head and a kicked over chair. The head is from a dummy, the kind used for displaying wigs or perhaps hats. 

• An oversized chalkboard which I wonder briefly if I can salvage before realizing it is covered in droppings from birds or perhaps bats. 

• An abandoned work boot, left upright on the staircase. 

• Stacks of floor tiles and ceiling shingles.

• An ornate side table, chipped gilded gold and carved into an elephant.

• An old fridge we haven’t yet opened, for fear of what might be inside. 

• A hole to the sky, a blue patch in the dusty grimness of the space. 

• A crumbling fireplace, also painted pink. 

• A broom, standing on a landing next to a tangle of clothes and shingles. 

• An upended bathtub

And this is only a small portion of the several-dumpster-fulls of stuff, of history, we already cleaned out from this space.


The past matters, each of these pieces represents a human, a life, a community, a dream. The question is, how can we honor it? We recognize that we are building on what has gone before us. And that we are hopefully beginning something new while continuing a story that has already been written and which the Lord has never stopped writing. There is a history, and we want to treat it with tenderness and awe. With grace and hopefulness. My question as we move forward is always: what is the bigger story? What are we entering into and how can we join the ways Jesus is already at work in this neighborhood and building?

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday

Relationships Change Things

Relationships Change Things